Glodok (裹踱刻): Historic Chinese Heritage in Jakarta

Glodok (裹踱刻): Historic Chinese Heritage in Jakarta

Naomi Midori

I come here to ask some questions to Goddess Guan Yin. I’m currently restoring my life balance

(Fang Na, 16th February 2019, a visitor in Jin De Yuan Temple)

It has been a long time since I came here to pray (it’s probably around 2017, which means almost two years ago!). Located in the West part of Jakarta, Glodok (裹踱刻) is considered as the biggest Chinatown in Indonesia.  Since we (Chinese-Indonesian) celebrated Lunar New Year on 5th February this year, Jin De Yuan (金德院) temple which is located right in the centre of Petak Sembilan Market is a popular destination for us. This temple is the oldest Taoist Temple in Jakarta and originally built in 1650 by Chinese Lieutenant Kwee Hoen[1] (you can access the link below for further information about this temple). We usually come here to pray in the first day and the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year long celebration (of course some of us are allowed to come here anytime for praying).

As one of the oldest Chinatown in Indonesia, Glodok (裹踱刻) has a VERY-LONG story since it has been established during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. This place is a part of Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Town/ Old Batavia) which is one of popular destination that you better visit during your trip to Jakarta. All at all, you can find anything related to Chinese customs (traditional food, costumes, temples etc) here.

Some of us (Chinese-Indonesian) like Ms. Fang Na (one of the visitor whom I have a brief conversation with) come here if we have something to ask. The personal matters usually include several aspects such as marriage, business, careers, etc. We can pray to Goddess Guan Yin here and shake the bamboo slips to find the answers (I have tried once in my hometown temple when I was about to choose my major in University!).

Some of the visitors who pray here also bring some fruits, meat, and flowers. They then put it on the altar for sacrifice to the great Gods.

You can also visit Chandra Building near the temple if you want to find some delicious Chinese food and Air conditioner (the price is quite expensive, but it’s worth to try! And you might want to take a rest in a comfortable full AC place after touring Glodok! It was extremely hot that day. I was dehydrated! ) I got to watch the Lion Dance there! (Probably it’s because I went there during Chinese New Year Celebration!).

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 新年快乐!猪事顺利!


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